IP camera


The IP camera is a standalone system connecting directly to an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network. Differed from the conventional PC camera, Network IP camera is an all-in-one system with built-in CPU and web-based solutions providing a low cost solution that can transmit high quality video images for monitoring. The IP cameras can be managed remotely, accessed and controlled from any PC/Notebook over the Intranet to IP camera. 

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PTZ Camera


PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, Zoom and is used for elevated surveillance buildings and government enclosures. PTZ security camera with CCTV and network type. Being able to adjust view is its most important benefit to security installations. Some of PTZ cameras can be manually manipulated with help of joystick and keyboard and some of them have self-tracking technology, built in brain of camera. You can relish various benefits by using PTZ cameras.

  • Various Arm inputs-PTZ cameras generally have alarm inputs. Devices like door contacts, motion detectors, and glass break devices can be placed in the crucial areas and connected to the camera. When any activity occurs in the hot spot, camera can be programmed to keep other activities on hold and focus on the potential problems.

  • Autonomous tracking and patrol- these cameras can be set to watch areas specified so that movements of any suspicious vehicle or person can be tracked easily with use of video analytic devices.

  • Low light capability- During the dark hours also, PTZ camera can work wonders. These cameras are equipped with the day and night features that switch to the super sensitive modes to gather details in lowest of lights too. These cameras usually accept the infrared illuminations and some offer IT onboard too.

  • Non-obstructive- Many PTZs cameras available these days are smaller as compared to dome styled ones. The cameras that are little larger are installed in such a manner that one small potion of profile is visible.

  • Weatherproof- latest PTZ cameras are developed in a way that they can easily withstand years of exposure to various elements. infect many people are mounting these cameras in hard to servicing locations like on the sides of sky scrapers.

  • Vandal resistant- PTZ camera is generally mounted on a level higher to the ground for good view and this offers some protection to the camera. And most of these cameras are built with the tough metal housings are positioned in poly-carbonate domes which are shatterproof to the vandals and offer clear pictures.

  • Powerful optical zoom- Even small PTZ cameras with least zoom ratios are better than the conventional fixed cameras. Common type of low zoom ratio for these cameras is around 10x optical and many of them are available with 36x zoom lenses. It is normal for these cameras to offer digital zoom features, offering better magnification to the user.


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Security Camera


WH Security camera, products offers network camera (IP camera), CCTV camera, video server, video surveillance software, accessories, PTZ, speed dome, Varifocal, night vision, fixed, day/night, and outdoor camera, for the most video surveillance situations. For more about CCTV camera, and network camera introductions, feature, specifications, and related links, checks the camera product.

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